The Uniquely Knitted Model of Care

Jul 7, 2023

To best understand the Uniquely Knitted Model of Care, you first have to understand the problems we face in the infertility community when trying to receive mental health support. Allow me to give you a picture of what so many face. (If you have experienced infertility yourself you know this all to well) 


Problem #1

A LOT of people struggle with infertility. This is probably the best place to begin and it’s an important place to begin. This is not a one in a million problem. This is a 1 in 6 problem. Roughly 17% of THE WORLD struggles with infertility. The amount of people struggling would make you think that there’s lots of support out there. There in lies our first problem. There is NOT a lot of support out there, and people don’t talk about it a lot. It’s a widespread issue, no one is talking about, so the services are not being developed fast enough. 

Problem #2

I will keep this one simple. Not all mental health services are geared for infertility. Many therapists and support groups simply do not have the tools or capacity to serve those suffering from infertility and loss. Sometimes, going to a group, therapist, or councilor who doesn’t know how to help you can even make it worse. I had a therapist tell me that I was making too big of a deal about trying to get pregnant. I mean, I am sure she was a great person but bless her heart that was not good advice. 

Problem #3

Our last problem. This one hurts. The people who know how to care for individuals and couples going through infertility are expensive. They should be expensive! It takes a long time to become an expert in treating this emotional and relational issue. However, all that training and time means that the rates for these groups and therapists are usually off the table for so many people. 

Are you getting the picture? Things need to change. 

Enter… The Uniquely Knitted Model of Care. 

At Uniquely Knitted we are specifically designed to address the three main problems people face when seeking mental health care during infertility. Our goal is to change the way people experience infertility, making it less traumatic, and less isolating. Helping it be a season of growth, not loneliness.


Solution #1 

We strive and advocate for the availability of mental health services. You should not have to look for a long time to find good care. That’s not just marketing speak. It’s a trauma informed approach. when you are struggling you need to be able to find care quickly and without having to jump through a million hoops. So we keep access to our programming simple and available through social media, podcasts, and online.

Solution #2

We have built our services from the ground up with infertility in mind. Everyone who receives care at Uniquely Knitted enters through a 6-week process group. Group processing is usually the number one need for people struggling with infertility. This model also helps us set a culture of kindness, gentleness and processing. Therapy, coaching, and longer process groups are all built on the backbone of our unique growth model which is taught in the 6-week process group. A model that promotes and teaches resilience through relational attachment. we are backed by research and supported by world class research psychologists. Our therapists and facilitators are trained in how to process infertility so that the care we deliver is affective and always sensitive to infertility.

Solution #3

We use donated funds to offset the cost of mental health services. We are able to offer affordable and sustainable mental health services by using donated funds to cover the full, or partial costs of process groups, therapy, and coaching. This allows us to create an ecosystem of care that can support many people in need for years to come. Our professionals are able to sustain long-term care with a community who needs reliable services, and our clients are able to receive more than just a few sessions with a professional. Infertility can have a long-lasting impact, and our model of care allows for individuals to receive services for as long as they need them.

As a non-profit organization, we believe that investing in the mental health of people struggling with infertility is a world-changing opportunity. Roughly 17% of the world’s population will experience infertility, and if left untreated emotionally, many people may develop lifelong habits of anxiety, depression, and isolation.


When you invest in the Uniquely Knitted Model you are investing in the health and future of those struggling with infertility and loss. You are bring solutions to the problems this community faces. You are changing the experience of infertility.