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Infertility and Depression

Let’s face it, infertility can be overwhelmingly depressing. So today we have brought in Dr. Andrea Ganahl to learn more about the connection between infertility and depression.

In this episode, we talk about the definition of depression. We look at how sadness and depression are different. We talk about what your first steps can be if you are feeling stuck in depression. Mostly, we validate that infertility sucks, it’s depressing and anxiety-inducing, and you are not alone!

If you feel you need immediate mental health attention or are dealing with suicidal thoughts help is available! Please call 988 from any phone or visit,



Uniquely Knitted is a Non-Profit Organization serving all who are emotionally affected by infertility. We are on a mission to bring healing to the traumas of infertility and end the isolation that comes with struggling to grow your family.

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