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Infertility and the Enneagram

How does your unique personality react to infertility? Let’s find out together!

The Enneagram is a personality assessment tool used by many people worldwide. In this special episode, we are looking at EVERY Enneagram number and talking about how each number will react to the stressful world of trying to conceive.

To make things official we welcome Executive Coach, Lisa Gomez-Osborn who specializes in the Enneagram. Her insight and wisdom will help us connect your unique Enneagram number with the reality of struggling with infertility.

Before you jump into the episode if you would like to take a test to find your Enneagram number we suggest this site.

We have marked chapters in this podcast, so feel free to find your number and skip straight to it. If you have a partner and know their number, make sure to check that number out as well. Or if you are an Enneagram lover, sit back and enjoy to the whole thing!

Let’s do this!


Uniquely Knitted is a Non-Profit Organization serving all who are emotionally affected by infertility. We are on a mission to bring healing to the traumas of infertility and end the isolation that comes with struggling to grow your family.

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