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Patricia Heaton and David Hunt Talk Infertility and ‘Unexpected’ Movie

Jason Kempin / 2022 Nashville Film Festival – “Unexpected” Screening via Getty Images

“I think what’s great about this movie is that… we give all the people who are struggling with this issue (Infertility) center stage.”

– Patricia Heaton

In this special episode Patricia Heaton and David Hunt join the Infertility Feelings Podcast to share about their new project ‘Unexpected.’ Unexpected follows the ongoing relationship of Amy (Anna Camp) and Bob (Joesph Mazzello) as they navigate infertility, Amy’s ever growing animal collection, and their struggle to adopt.

“Infertility is the engine” of the story Patricia Heaton shares but it’s not the whole story. She shares that, “The story is about connectivity and our humanity, it’s a lot about struggles of marriage, it’s about feeling you are known in the universe, and you are seen.”

The same is true for all who struggle to conceive. The engine and the motivation for many is infertility. It is the reason we are on this journey. However, when the world sees infertility, we know that there is so much more to the story. There are marriages which struggle, there are late nights full of tears, and there is a deep desire to know that things will be ok. That our lives still matter and we have value.

As David Hunt shares, “Am I still the same person because I don’t have a child? And of course, of course you are… Everyone has value.”

Unexpected gives us an opportunity to reflect on the path we have walked, to laugh at the crazy moments of infertility. To grieve the very real losses we may have experienced along the way, and to take comfort in knowing that we are all connected.

The Infertility Feelings Podcast is grateful to Patricia and David for telling stories which include the reality of infertility. Something that 1 in 8 couples will struggle with. We also thank the whole team for making the film reflect all the comedy, pain, awkwardness, and anxiety that goes into trying to grow your family when you struggle with infertility.

You can watch Unexpected anywhere that there is Video On Demand. When you search for it, type in “Unexpected 2023.” Here is a link to Watch it on Amazon Prime! 



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