In 2019 we started Uniquely Knitted with our friends. Our goal was clear, to help those struggling with the effects of infertility. After having experienced years of infertility ourselves we wanted to give back to the amazing people in this community.

That goal led to the formation of a non-profit organization. From the very beginning, we TRULY wanted to advocate for the mental wellness of all who journey through infertility. 

We believe that complete mental wellness HAS to include community. A community of people meeting your emotional needs is a major part of your journey through infertility. It’s amazing to feel supported by people you love and it’s a key factor in staying mentally healthy during these trying times. Our own community was a major part of our infertility story. They walked with us through the darkest hours and in some cases carried us through when we couldn’t go on. But this is not everyone’s story. 

Building community is haaaard. 

It’s hard for those who need it.

It’s hard for those who want to give it. 

Infertility is still such a taboo topic, and many have been the recipients of unhelpful comments. Everyone who is struggling to conceive has been told to, “just relax” or that, “it will happen right when you stop trying”.

These comments can kill your hopes of building community.

That is why we have created this blog, to help build community on both sides. To equip those struggling with infertility. To teach those who want to walk alongside their friends and loved ones who are struggling with infertility. 

So here we are! Ready to communicate the things we believe in. To advocate for mental wellness, to teach that mental health happens in community, and to show that community can start with a gift.

Welcome to our blog! We wish we could give you a hug:)