Covid-19 Response and 2020 Plan

Experiencing infertility is overwhelming, going through it during a global pandemic just seems cruel. That is why we are here. We have a plan!
“As I write this, the presence of Covid-19 has only further destabilized what was already a trying experiencing…”


Uniquely Knitted is a non-profit organization serving all who struggle from the emotional affects of infertility 


Couples will struggle with infertility.


Of those who struggle won’t tell their friends and family. 

We believe the system as it now functions does not address (to the degree that is required), the traumatizing nature of infertility.

If we do not properly address the emotional aspects of infertility and equip couples to recognize and process them appropriately, we miss treating the whole person. Patients are physically cared for, but emotionally are at risk.

Check out our conversation with Dr. Andrea Ganahl about Infertility and Mental Health.

We at Uniquely Knitted, even in these unique and trying times, see this as a time of great opportunity.
With your support we can truly CHANGE the experience of infertility.
Will you join us to bring hope to literally millions of couples suffering with infertility?