Support the 1 in 8 who struggle with infertility by becoming a monthly donor!


Join the monthly donors who are Uniquely Committed to investing in the mental health of the infertility community. 

Who are the

Uniquely Committed?

We support real people

dealing with infertility

Your donation helps bring Uniquely Knitted Process Groups to more suffering people.

We support everyone in the

infertility community

Your donation creates healing and community for individuals, couples, clinics, and communities.

We are changing the

experience of infertility

Your donation helps create a new reality for those who are suffering from the pain of infertility.

Our Funding is Simple

For every $500 Uniquely Knitted can bring mental health services to a person for one year. When you contribute just $42 a month you bring life-changing hope to someone in the infertility community.

We asked our monthly donors why they give.

Here’s what they said.

Erin & Matt

We support Uniquely Knitted’s vision for community and healing and have been forever changed by this amazing organization! ❤️

Kelly & Joe

We donate to Uniquely Knitted because it is so incredibly needed! How I wish they were around 30+ years ago when we were trying to start a family. It’s such an isolating, heartbreaking issue to go through alone. No one can honestly understand how difficult it is and there really are no words. Yet, Jesse and Doug have managed to help those who felt heard. They so get it! Very grateful they’re finally here now to help other couples struggling. Thank you, thank you!!

Raven & Danny

When we think of an organization that truly cares and understands the journey of infertility, we think of Uniquely Knitted. We give to Uniquely Knitted so that others can experience the community and the love through difficult times without being consumed with the financial impact. Uniquely Knitted offers a safe place to discuss infertility and no longer feel alone. This organization has changed our lives and we hope to help it change others as well!


It’s the least I can do to support a community I love so much. It feels good to give back. 


I have close friends and family that have struggled or are currently struggling with infertility. Their pain is excruciating and I often feel like I have nothing to offer them.  Knowing that I can give $50 a month to provide someone with the tools to heal from the traumas of infertility, is a joy and a relief.  It’s an opportunity to offer someone love, support, and healing that will last a lifetime. Thank you Uniquely Knitted for allowing me to be a part of such an important emotional health journey!


I like knowing that my donation is helping create a safe place for people to deal with their feelings.