Uniquely Knitted Box

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When you are struggling with infertility a gift is more than a gift. It’s a lifeline to support and community.


Here is the perfect gift for anyone struggling to get pregnant, doing an IUI, IVF, anyone who has experienced miscarriage, or all who just need a little love!


$100 Value for $49

Our community of donors will even cover the shipping!

Going through infertility is a lot! It's stressful, it's painful, and it easy to feel alone. This box was designed to help you or someone you love feel seen, and loved. The perfect gift of comfort for anyone experiencing infertility. Every item in this box has been hand picked to give you comfort. They are the items that brought me comfort during my own struggle with infertility.


We believe that community starts with a gift, so we've bundled this whole box up and discounted it to make it accessible to anyone!


- JESSE BROWN, Founder of Uniquely Knitted


Blanket: 50" x 60" Plush Textured Soft Blanket. (Probably the softest blanket on earth)

Mug: 16oz Stoneware mug

Chocolate: 72% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

Candle: 8oz Scented Soy Candle. White Tea, Bergamot, Lavender and Jasmine. Hand Poured.

Invitation: An invitation to create a community of support for yourself throughout your season of infertility and beyond.

1 review for Uniquely Knitted Box

  1. Doug Brown

    Great Product!

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