The Uniquely Knitted Box

A gift of comfort for those experiencing infertility

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The Uniquely Knited infertility care box is filled with products to bring care and hope to anyone journeying through infertility. When you are struggling with infertility a gift is more than a gift. It’s a lifeline to support and community. Here is the perfect gift for anyone struggling to get pregnant, doing an IUI, IVF, anyone who has experienced miscarriage, or all who just need a little love!

Hello Gorgeous

Coffee Mug

Every day when you wake up remember, always remember, you’re gorgeous!

16 oz. Microwave and dishwasher safe

Super Cozy

Throw Blanket

Super cuddly and large enough to share, the softest blanket you will ever touch.

Speckled shadow grey plush material

Hand Poured

Hope Candle

Let this candle be a reminder that there is always hope for you, no matter what happens!

8oz, 100% Soy Wax, Phthalate-free, Cotton Lead-Free Wick, White Tea, Bergamot, Lavender



Sometimes you have to take a break, have some chocolate, and rest.

3 oz. Semi-Dark Chocolate