Process Groups for the Infertility Community

Build resilience and community through our Uniquely Knitted six-week process group.



Our groups are 100% virtual and run for 6-weeks. Find one that fits your schedule!


Join a small group of others to and begin the process of sharing and processing.


Watch weekly lessons and meet weekly with people who truly get it!


Our groups are 100% virtual and run for 6-weeks. Find one that fits your schedule!


Join a small group of others to and begin the process of sharing and processing.


Watch weekly lessons and meet weekly with people who truly get it!

What makes us unique

Designed to help you process and heal

Rooted in attachment theory

Led by trauma-informed facilitators

For every stage of struggling to conceive


during your six weeks


Infertility can hurt our resilience. That is why we have created a powerful growth model for connecting and building resilience. As you journey together with your group for 6-weeks you will watch videos and do workbook exercises intended to give you tools for connecting within the group and in your everyday life. We will focus on living in reality, relationships, boundaries, and taking ownership.


Everyone deserves to have their story be heard. However, sharing about infertility can be a challenge. In this group, our trauma-informed facilitators will lead you through a simple process of telling your story. You do not have to be an expert storyteller, you just need to get all that you have been through off your chest! Truly, telling your story in a safe environment, to safe people, is a huge step in healing.


We believe that to really connect you have to spend time with each other and that is why our groups are 6-weeks with the same small group of people. When we share our stories and we are seen by others, we become more resilient. But for some 6-weeks is just the beginning! Uniquely Knitted is committed to community and runs 4-month process groups for all who have been in a 6-week group.


+ What is Uniquely Knitted?
Uniquely Knitted is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit on a mission to heal the traumas of infertility and end the isolation that goes with struggling to conceive. We do that by running process groups for those affected by infertility.
+ Who can join this group?
Uniquely Knitted process groups are open to anyone who has experienced infertility. In our groups, you may find people who are just getting starting with IUI, people who have been trying for months without treatment, people who are on their 2nd cycle of IVF, People who have miscarried, people using donors to conceive, people who have become pregnant after infertility, and everything in between!

The variety of experiences in this group will only make it better.

+ Is this therapy?
No, this group is not therapy. This group is an emotionally focused process group. Process groups help individuals work through their feelings while connecting to others. The content for this program is written by therapists, and our group time is facilitated by experienced Trauma-informed leaders.

In other words, it’s less intense than group therapy but more in-depth than a support group.

+ How much does it cost?
The cost of this program is paid for by our wonderful team of donors. We are blessed to be supported by the community. Typically a program like this would cost upwards of $500. However, our donors have paid the way for you!

All that is required is a $97 registration fee!

+ How much time should I expect to spend each week?
During our six weeks, we will meet once a week on Zoom and there will be videos and a workbook to go through. The video and workbook take about one hour, and we meet on Zoom for 2 hours each time.

Most people say they spend anywhere from 2-3 hours a week in total.



My experience with Uniquely Knitted was amazing from the beginning. I’ve been a part of infertility support groups and go to therapy regularly but this was different. The group was intimate and allowed us to really get to know each other. Sharing our journeys was not only helpful to resonate with others, but pushed us to dig deep into how it made us feel.

We became family for 6 weeks. ❤️


This course was just what I needed during this infertility journey.


I joined a group on the heels of two additional support groups with another provider. This program and it’s in depth topics, coursework, medical professional development was certainly the deepest assessment I’ve experienced thus far. A force for deep introspection and analysis towards the path to healing!


It has been a growing experience taking this course. The lessons and workbook were helpful guiding me along what it means to be resilient.


Completely Life Changing.

Kirk & Anna

This group has changed our life. Being able to tell our story was the single greatest thing for our relationship and our infertility journey. Sign up!


Before joining, I felt really isolated, misunderstood, and unsupported by my closest friends. This course helped me to make sense of some of the “misses” in my relationships and learn skills to better communicate my feelings, needs, and boundaries. It also provided me a community where I feel that I truly belong, where others reminded me that I am worthy regardless of if I have children or not. This has been a huge light for me in a really dark season of life.

listen to a testimony of life change


created for those who are in the struggle


Alumni report a greater sense of resilience

100% of our alumni report a greater sense of resilience after taking our process groups.


Facilitators trained in how to process

Our facilitators have been trained in how to emotionally process infertility and lead groups in constructive engagement.


Working in tandem with treatment and trying

We are designed to help you process wherever you are on your infertility journey. From trying to treatment, and beyond.