Process Groups for the Infertility Community

Together we can feel more resilient

6 Weeks of processing, healing, sharing, and building resilience with a small group of others experiencing infertility.

90% off thanks to our donors!

Upcoming Groups

January Groups will be available for sign-up in December


October 10th

Tuesdays @ 5:00 PM

Facilitated by Krista & Kelly

Meeting Weekly for 6-Weeks

California Time Zone (PST)


October 12th

Thursdays @ 4:00 PM

Facilitated by Krista & Kelly

Meeting Weekly for 6-Weeks

California Time Zone (PST)


October 17th

Tuesdays @ 3:00 PM

Facilitated by Jesse & Doug

Meeting Weekly for 6-Weeks

California Time Zone (PST)


October 17th

Tuesdays @ 5:30 PM

Facilitated by Jesse & Doug

Meeting Weekly for 6-Weeks

California Time Zone (PST)

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What’s an Infertility Process Group?

These groups help people discuss their experiences with infertility and process their unique stories in a safe environment. Growing in connection while processing helps many people feel a renewed sense of resilience in dealing with infertility. 

What’s included in the Uniquely Knitted Process Group?

6 Weeks of processing your feelings with the same group of safe people.

4 hours of video content covering how to build resilience during infertility.

A huge dedicated chat community where people are talking about infertility and their feelings.
Access to the longer Uniquely Knitted groups, coaching, and therapy.


How much does it cost?

As a Non-Profit we offer this group for a low commitment cost of $124. The full price of this group is $1,200.

The only way we are able to offer this process group at such an affordable rate is because of our donor-backed mental health model. If you would like to learn more about our model or donate to our movement, you can do so below!

To be clear, your cost is only $124. That is 90% off thanks to our donors!

Would you like to help us continue to affordably offer this program?


+ How do I know if this group is for me?
If you feel like you would benefit from being more resilient when it comes to infertility, this group is for you. It does not matter if you are just getting started in the “Trying to Conceive” world or if you feel like you have been struggling and fighting through it for years.

If processing what you have been through and building resilience sounds interesting, sign up!

+ How do I sign up?
In the information above, select a time that works for you. Once you hit, “Join Group” You will be directed to a check-out page.

After you sign up you will be emailed the Zoom information a week before your meeting. If you have any questions once you sign up feel free to reach out anytime!

+ How long is each meeting?
Our first meeting is a 1 hour long, “getting to know” you time. After that, each meeting is approximately 2 hours. There are also videos that go along with each week. Those videos range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Most people spend about 3-4 hours on Uniquely Knitted each week. That is group meetings and videos combined.

+ Who can join this group?
Uniquely Knitted process groups are open to anyone who has experienced infertility.

In our groups, you may find people who have been trying for months without treatment, people just getting started with IUI, people who are on their first or 10th cycle of IVF, People who have miscarried, people using donors to conceive, people who have become pregnant after infertility, people experiencing secondary infertility, and everything in between!

The variety of experiences in this group will only make it better.

+ Can I join by myself?
Yes! Everyone processes infertility at different speeds. Sometimes joining a group as an individual is exactly what we need. Many, if not most people join the group as an individual.
+ Can my partner join us?
Absolutely! Many people experience infertility as a couple, and processing it together can be a huge help. Our groups will be full of individuals and couples. The variety really helps us process!
+ Will there be pregnant people in this group?
Yes, our groups are open to anyone who has experienced infertility at any stage. Some people could be in the middle of treatment and some people could be moving on from treatment. Others may be experiencing secondary infertility. Our goal is to sit in the highs and lows with people no matter where they are at. We believe that people who struggle with infertility are not uniform in their experience but unified by their grief. We know this can be trigging for some and we are always gentle with everyone.
+ What if I become pregnant before or during the group?
If you feel like this is not right for you at the time to be in the group, we can refund you or you can donate your sign-up fee to Uniquely Knitted. We have seen that for many the main reason for wanting to leave is not wanting to trigger anyone. While it is so kind to think of others it is also true that becoming pregnant can bring up complicated feelings of anxiousness as well as guilt and fear from not being excited when you thought you would be. Sometimes when we get what we “want” the pain of what we went through doesn’t just go away.

Infertility is a really traumatic experience and something that should be processed even after you get good news. We would never want someone to miss out on processing what you have gone through to get to this point.

+ Why is does it cost money?
As a non-profit 100% of the money paid to or donated to Uniquely Knitted goes to fund more mental health services for the infertility community. We are working hard to create more affordable options for people to process the mental challenge of struggling to conceive.

The full cost of the Uniquely Knitted process group is $675 dollars. However, because we are supported by wonderful donors, we are able to charge a small client commitment registration fee of $124. Donors cover the cost of the group so that this program can stay affordable for those who need it!

+ Do you offer discounts?
As a non-profit, we are dedicated to your mental. If you need to be in a safe place to process your emotions, we want you to join us. We do offer discounts and would be happy to work with you. We have a limited amount of spots we can offer but please reach out and let us know what you need.
+ What if I need mental health support right now?
Uniquely Knitted is dedicated to supporting the infertility community. We do that by running 6-week process groups. This site and the programming at Uniquely Knitted are not intended for immediate mental health care. If you feel you need immediate support we suggest reaching out to the following organizations.

Emergency: 911
National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1- 800-799-7233
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988
National Hopeline Network: 1-800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433)
Crisis Text Line: Text “DESERVE” TO 741-741

You should consult your physician, therapist, or other qualified healthcare providers regarding any specific questions you may have. You should never disregard professional advice from your physician, or therapist or delay in seeking treatment based on the information contained on the Uniquely Knitted site.

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