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My experience with the program was great. This was the first time I had ever done something like this because I was afraid of how others were going to see me once I shared. Boy was I wrong! As soon as we started it was established that this space was safe to share, cry, scream, curse but most importantly to heal! I went in feeling alone and left with a tribe to lean on. So grateful


The Building Resilience Program provided me and my husband with tools to work through our feelings about our infertility journey. Also, I would add it gave us language to better discuss our thoughts with each other.


This program has been such a powerful experience for me. Before joining, I felt really isolated, misunderstood, and unsupported by my closest friends. This course helped me to make sense of some of the “misses” in my relationships and learn skills to better communicate my feelings, needs, and boundaries. It also provided me a community where I feel that I truly belong, where others reminded me that I am worthy regardless of if I have children or not. This has been a huge light for me in a really dark season of life. Thank you!


I am sure you must hear this all the time, but it is true, my experience with the Building Resilience program was life-changing. I was scared and anxious to join, but also desperate to try something different. I was desperate to feel better, even if only slightly. And I hoped that the anxiety I was feeling about stretching so far outside my comfort zone was going to be easier to tolerate than the sadness that was always with me. I was in pain and isolated—not because I did not have social support, and not because I did not have tools–but because I did not have anybody in my life who could see my pain in the way that I (it turns out) needed it to be seen. There is something transformative about sharing space with people who can really see and connect with you, especially around something as difficult and traumatic as infertility.


I joined the first official course of the Building Resilience Program on the heels of two additional support groups with another provider. This program and it’s in-depth topics/coursework/medical professional development was certainly the deepest assessment I’ve experienced thus far. A force for deep introspection and analysis towards the path to healing!


This program helped me to begin to see the layers of isolation I was experiencing and creating through my infertility journey and other parts of my life. This program is wonderful and unique because unlike other support groups you are given tools for identifying, acknowledging, grieving, and healing through the trauma you experienced. My group had people with different stories on different paths and in varying stages of their journey, but this program helped us all relate and hold space for each other. I felt a sense of community and understanding I have not had in years. Jesse and Doug and the team that helped create this program helped me begin my healing journey and made me feel less alone in my journey. I am forever grateful.


It has been a growing experience taking this course. The lessons and workbook were helpful in guiding me on what it means to be resilient. I am incredibly thankful to have gotten to know Doug and Jesse. Very thankful that I have met so many amazing people working through infertility.


Building Resilience provided me with a framework for how to better understand a difficult situation and the tools and people for how to cope with it better.


Completely Life-Changing. An amazing community of people, led by the brilliant Jesse & Doug, who all helped & supported me through this incredible 6 Week Course. I could not have wished for more. It helped me more than I can possibly say.


This course was just what I needed during this infertility journey. It has allowed me to understand and process many of the emotions that I’ve experienced, as well as taught me valuable coping skills. The course is so well written and taught. Doug and Jesse bring so much energy, wisdom, and fun! I would 100% recommend this program!


For me, the Building Resilience program has been exactly what I needed. I wish that this was more widely known so that I could have gone through it early on in my infertility journey, I could have avoided a lot of heartache. The most valuable piece for me was realizing how much I need relationships and how I need to be aware of my needs so that I can get them met in relationship. Infertility has been an incredibly lonely experience for me and I had focused on how my community was failing me instead of focusing on what I needed to do to get my needs met.


My experience with the program was insightful. It has given me tools that will carry me through not only infertility but through life.


This program is absolutely incredible and inspired! I was so nervous to take it and share my story with other people, even though I was so desperate to just find someone who is going through infertility and can relate/understand this experience. It was the therapy and community I was searching for and it’s a huge help and blessing in my life.

“Life-giving. I feel like myself again. Like I cracked the code!”

– Olivia


The experience of receiving help and joining a community with others and their stories changed how we are actively experiencing infertility. I don’t know if I will ever feel fully resilient to infertility, it has broken our hearts. But I do feel more equipped to understand how I am feeling from it all, so I can put one foot in front of the other and breathe a little easier.


Our experience through this program was incredible. It changed our lives finding out that there are others going through similar things, and that we can really benefit from telling our story, hearing others, and learning of new ways to deal with the difficulty of infertility.


The program was great. It was so wonderful to meet people in similar situations who could offer support and guidance. Jesse and Doug were great at encouraging and supporting all of us.


It was refreshing to share our story around people who truly knew the pain we were feeling. I didn’t feel like I had to explain how I was feeling AND educate someone. I was able to just explain my feelings.


It was wonderful. I was very nervous to get started and put myself out there because I wasn’t sure if I could relate to others in the group, but it ended up being life-changing! Having a community that could understand all of my feelings and provide validation was much needed. It also pushed me out of my comfort zone to share my full story with other people. Doug and Jesse were so supportive throughout the whole group!


This program guided me to work through what I’m feeling when I didn’t know how to do that at all. It gave practical concepts that apply to much more than just infertility. One of the biggest benefits was also opening the doors for conversation for my husband and me. This group also opened my eyes to issues I’ve buried in the past, and I’m now pursuing therapy to dig into those more.


Life-giving. I feel like myself again. Like I cracked the code! I was very bitter and angry (for years) and I knew I couldn’t keep going through life like that. The building resilience program helped me to identify my reality, make my needs known with others (and identify them for myself!), take healthy steps in my relationships and take ownership of my life TODAY, in the here and now.


relieving, safe, supported, understood


I felt really alone and anxious with the next steps in our fertility journey prior to joing the Building Resilience Program. It was really wonderful to meet a group of women going through similar problems. It was really helpful the way Doug and Jesse led us through not only tools to process the trauma that we have all gone through but also to really build us up and reassure us that we were doing a great job. It can be hard for others in our lives to truly understand what we are going through, so not only was I able to meet others that deeply understood but we got to build each other up. This process really helped me acknowledge and start to emotionally unpack all that I have gone through. The tools have already been helpful in multiple areas of my life and I think finally speaking my story to others in a safe environment led me to finally start releasing some of the pain. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to take part in this progam! Thank you Doug and Jesse!


When my wife first told me about it, I thought sure let’s do anything if it is what she wants and will get her talking about the situation to others. I was kind of ambivalent about joining but hopeful it would help. I think that creating a safe space to share when it’s so easy to internalize and shut down, creating a community of people who get it when you feel so alone, and working on fundamental development skills in the light of infertility but not just focusing on infertility was the perfect combination for healing and growth


I think groups like this help by getting yourself out of your own head; I have found that once you say something out loud, you feel better or at least relieved. It also helps to know other people are going through similar situations at the same time.


It was so wonderful to be in this program and be with people who truly get and understand what I am going through. Jesse and Doug create a very welcoming space and provide encouragement for us to be our true selves and speak our truth.


Our experience has been very positive. We openly communicate about how we are doing with infertility and how much we want to share with family and friends. Specifically, it has helped me to realize how important boundaries are and how to set them with family. Additionally, it helped me to process things from my childhood and made more sense of why I react to hard times the way I do.


AMAZING! Don’t have enough words. I felt they knew me since forever, to be able to talk about your pain, struggles, disappointments, grief, feelings with people who experienced it was so comforting and encouraging! They totally know and understand how this feels like it was a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold I would say!

“It was a relief to be around others who understood. Since doing the program, it has been easier to cope with my situation.”

– Marty


It was scary at first to be with strangers and discuss these hard things but over time it was nice to have a community and also the processing skills I learned were amazing. I use them all the time and I plan to use them for the rest of my life.


This podcast is so relatable and helps me feel and realize that I am not alone in the struggles of infertility. They do a great job of being inclusive of all aspects of infertility and journeys to expand in families. Highly recommended!!!


If infertility has affected your life this podcast is for you! With each concept that is discussed the host Jesse and Doug work to Xpress all points of view, “Your place to laugh, cry, and process.” I look forward to their show every week!


This podcast is just what I needed as an educator dealing with infertility around the holidays, there were several episodes that validated my feelings but also give tips on how to handle these emotions. I have shared the episodes with friends. Thank you for sharing!


Jesse & Doug (as well as guests) are just so supportive! This podcast really helps with the isolating feeling of infertility and covers such important topics! ❤️

Amanda & Charles

Better than I could have expected! I underestimated how liberating it would feel to tell my story in a space of compassion and understanding. Connecting my feelings through others stories really allowed me to give myself grace rather than get down on myself for struggling. The steps in this program will serve as a compass moving forward in our journey. And the best part is I know I have people to reach out to down the road.


This podcast has been the beginning of my healing process as my husband and I still navigate through the roller coaster of infertility journey. Each episode allowed me to begin to understand what was really going on with me and my husband.


Wish I’d found y’all earlier. The empathy, resources, topics, and space created that offers information and healing have been so incredibly helpful. Just to go on a walk, listen to one of your podcasts, and feel I have permission to just release ALL of the emotions I’ve been holding onto has been a true blessing. Thank you!!


I love this podcast because the hosts are so relatable and they make you feel like you’re talking to a friend and not just listening to an informative podcast. They talk to their audience like they are in the same room as them having a pretty typical conversation. They also cover a lot of topics about infertility that a lot of people don’t talk about.


It was a great experience. Doug and Jesse honestly care 100%. They are great at what they do. I now believe I have the skills to help me move forward in my life. It is still extremely painful, but after taking this course I feel like I may have a chance to be happy if I am unable to have children.


This is an amazing podcast and super informative! It has helped me process my infertility more than I thought it could.


Dealing with infertility is hard but this podcast allows you to relate to others going through the same thing as you. They also provide great ways to deal with different things throughout this journey.


This podcast is wonderful it’s the only place I feel understood. I literally feel like you all are inside my brain! Infertility and pregnancy loss has been a great challenge for me and you all make it a little easier. I’ve shared your episodes with family and friends and they ask what they can do to help, because it gives them a peek at what infertility is actually like. Thank you!

Infertility Madness

Jesse and Doug podcast has really helped me understand so many things about my own journey with infertility. My biggest takeaway so far, infertility will always be part of my story whether I have a biological child or not. It is something to grieve and work through and not avoid. This is a MUST listen to if you or anyone you know is going through infertility!

“I just recently found the podcast and the two episodes I listened to were everything I needed at this exact moment! The episode about infertility and work touched me.

– Jamie


My experience with the Uniquely Knitted Building Resilience Program was amazing from the beginning. I’ve been a part of infertility support groups and go to therapy regularly but this was different. The group was intimate and allowed us to really get to know each other. Sharing our journeys was not only helpful to resonate with others, but pushed us to dig deep into how it made us feel. Jesse and Doug are perfect hosts and have the best personalities for this type of role. Their outgoing and welcoming energy kept the group interested, involved, and willing to participate. I’m so honored to have been a part of this program and I will stay connected with the other amazing men and women that were a part of it too. We began family for 6 weeks. ❤️


I thought the program was great. I wish it was around sooner.

Ryan & Rebecca

Going through the resilience material in a small, consistent group was a key factor in making this course incredible. We would watch the videos and discuss the workbook together as a couple, then engage with the rest of the group. Being able to talk about our journey, our present, and our expectations for the future through the lens of resilience with people on similar journeys gave insights we wouldn’t have gained by going through the materials on our own.


Such a good experience. I feel like our group made some real connections and got along great. I loved hearing everyone’s stories and diving in deep. Crying with others cause they’re speaking things you’ve been feeling all this time. It was all just really good. The cries the laughs the connections.


Oh my! I could write novels on what this program and what this organization means to me. Doug and Jesse, thank you for pouring yourselves into such a consuming topic that so many of us struggle with. You guys gave me tools to help navigate this journey of infertility. Because of that, I don’t feel so lost and helpless. You gave me power back. For that, I am forever indebted to you both. Love you guys so so much.


I think groups like this help by getting yourself out of your own head; I have found that once you say something out loud, you feel better or at least relieved. It also helps to know other people are going through similar situations at the same time.


I loved my experience with this program and am sad it has ended. It gave me a place to feel seen and heard at a time when I don’t. The program, and Doug and Jesse, have helped to give me the tools to survive on a journey I didn’t think I would ever be on. I know that with the tools, and practice, my husband and I can process and grow in this season of our life.


I started Uniquely Knitted’s Building Resilience Program knowing I needed to dig deeper into the traumas of my infertility journey. The program offered me the space to look back on my journey with a guided “push.” Each week I felt encouraged to look back on some of the difficult moments of our journey using the therapeutic tools I learned throughout the program to guide me to healing and resiliency. I loved the coursework and connecting with the group each week. I felt supported every step of the way, and I now feel more empowered to take on the next steps of our journey.


It makes us feel like we’re not alone, not crazy, not being “too sensitive” or anything like that. It helps connect with people who truly get it.

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